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payment plans

Pay off your tax debt with an IRS Payment Plan

Did you know?

Hundreds of billions of dollars in taxes go unpaid every year.  We can help you get paid off by setting up and installment plan.  If you can pay off your balance within 120 days, this plan is at no cost to you.  
We'll work with the IRS on your behalf to make your payment plan request.  We'll update you every sep of the way to get your payment plan up and running. 
During your free consultation, we'll talk about your specific situation and the goals you'd like to achieve with an IRS payment plan.  Call or submit an online form now to talk with one of our specialists. 

Why elite tax defense?

Licensed tax professionals

Our licensed tax professionals have years of experience to ensure you're getting the most top quality help when it comes to taxes.

Free Consulataion

During your free consultation, you'll discuss your situation with a licensed professional. No commitment necessary, just discuss your options to find out if our services are right for you. 

Personalized affordable plans

We come up with customized plans for each client, because no two tax situations are the same! We'll find the solution that is right for you, and your budget.

Tell us about your situation

Get in touch now to set up your free consultation.

Has the IRS?
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