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An entrepreneur and industry leader, Andrew has been at the forefront of client relationships, service, and sales for the better part of 2 decades. Spending nearly 10 years as a tax specialist in the industry has lead to expertise at every level.  Andrew is unparalleled in his ability to diagnose problems and assess how to best fix them.  


Years of study regarding the psychology of both buying and selling provide Andrew with an understanding of both sides of the transactional coin, allowing for insight into how to most effectively gain clients, retain clients, and most importantly SATISFY clients.


Andrew's focus is on direct, honest, and sometimes painful truths regarding the reality of a client's situation is what sets him apart in the industry. He effectively determines what can and cannot be done to minimize the exposure the client has to these powerful government agencies. Bringing that experience and expertise to Elite Tax Defense is what sets us apart from every other tax firm out there.

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